Meditation ensures an overall feeling of well being resulting in a  better management of stress. A person sits in a posture usually in  relaxing mode and concentrate his/her mind over one point with eyes  closed. The mind is concentrated up to an extent when an individual  feels that he has no interaction with the surroundings, in fact the mind  reaches in a neutral stage thereby relieving mental exhaustion.  Meditation restores the body to a calm state, helping the body to repair  itself, and preventing damage due to the physical effects of stress. 

In  the process of meditation the mind develops a lot of positive energy  through many changes in the basic brain wave patterns. The study of  brain waves during the process of meditation has clearly shown that  there is considerable development of alpha type of waves in the brain  during the process of meditation. These brain waves have long standing  beneficial effects on the entire human body. The mind is also deeply  relaxed and experiences a unique state of calmness. This too has deep  effect on the entire system and the whole system feels refreshed and  thoroughly rejuvenated. 

There are many  benefits to meditating with others. Coming together with a shared  intention can have profound impacts on our lives,our communities, and  our universe.