1 or 3 Days Panchakarma Retreat(Herbal Clenase)


Date: Oct 04 - Oct 06

Panchakarma Program includes:

Evaluation of your Ayurvedic health questionnaire - who has over 30 years of Ayurvedic experience.
Phone consultation for clients who are traveling from a far distance.

Cleansing herbs (liver and colon cleanse ) prior to one month.
Cleansing regimen prior to arrival.

Day schedule:

  Daily relaxing therapeutic massage (Abyanga), followed by shirodhara , a special ayurvedic oil therapy treatment. (Nasya , (nasal cleanse )) Garshana, Herbal powder massage)) Herbal Steam therapy for further toxin removal (2:5  - 3:00Hr)

Morning and evening meditation and gentle yoga classes. Space to relax. 

Traditional ayurvedic cleansing diet, freshly prepared - kitchari (mung beans and rice), vegetable or fruit soups (all gluten-free - 3 times a day  ) 

Self-administered cleansing, rejuvenating colon therapies (Basti)
Systematic protocol to follow upon going home (take home program)

Fee: 1 Day  / $400.00

        3 Days / $1000.00

Any questions send an E-mail to shan@Harisa.co