Skin Care


Gold Facial

The Gold Facial, based on Ayurveda, is a  powerful anti-ageing treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating  effects. Gold is one of the softest metals and is easily absorbed by the  skin. It also may stimulates blood circulation and improves skin  elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage.
Rate: $75.00/1hr.  

skin care

Diamond Facial

The Diamond Facial is a powerful  age-control treatment. This helps to oxygenate and purify the skin. The  most potent effect of the diamond is its exfoliating and gentle  dermabrasing action, which may helps to diminish fine lines and  wrinkles.Based on Ayurveda, the diamond facial is like an elixir of  youth for timeless eternal beauty. 
Rate :$100.00/1hr. 

Herbal Facial

Very relaxing treatment for anybody who  wants to feel and look better. Herbs are used to deeply exfoliate the  skin and then followed by facial massage. Finish up with an invigorating  steam and customized mask. All of the ingredients used in this  treatment are natural and chemically free.

Face Lift Massage

 A specialized oil massage to firm and tone  the face, neck and jaw line muscles. This luxurious, safe and gentle  method may treats the problems of sagging and aging.Throughout the  session we use cleanser, aromatherapy and honey lift massage. 
Rate :$100.00/ 1 Hr.